Indian Dating New App Loot – Refer And Get Real Money in Bank (Viewing)

Indian Dating New App Loot – Refer And Get Real Money in Bank (Viewing)

Here i am back with Indian Dating New App Loot.You will Get Rs.2 per refer and you can view full screen advertises and earn Rs.1 per advertise. you can transfer earned amount to your bank account as well. You have to view Full Pop Up advertises to get your earnings. you can do recharges and pay postpaid bills too. here i am posting steps to earn from Indian Dating App.

Indian Dating New App

How To Earn From Indian Dating New App Loot? :

1. Firstly Download Indian Dating App From Here : Click Here

2. Then Open the app and click on register.

3. Then Enter given refer code here. : 8826603192

4. Enter your mobile number and enter basic details and verify your number with OTP.

5. Enter your registered mobile number and password and then click on Login.

6. Now you will able to see Application’s dashboard and there are some advertises on dashboard.

7. Sometime you will get Full screen advertises on App to install some apps.

8. View full screen advertises in browser or in play store. you have to visit that advertise and view it for 70-80 seconds.

9. Do Follow 7th and 8th step in every two hours. so you can earn Rs. 1 per View and 5 advertises Daily (5*1= Rs.5 on daily basis)

NOTE : You can visit only 5 advertises daily and per advertise there may be a gap of 2 Hours.

10. Hence Refresh you wallet to check you earning. redeem as a mobile recharge or bank transfer.

Income Level From Referrals in Indian Dating App :

  • 1st Level : Rs.0.10
  • 2nd Level: Rs.0.10
  • 3rd Level : Rs.0.10
  • 4th Level : Rs.0.10
  • 5th Level : Rs.0.10
  • 6th Level : Rs.0.10
  • 7th Level : Rs.0.10

Indian Dating App Loot

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