Download My Airtel App And Get Free 50 Airtel To Airtel Minutes

Download My Airtel App And Get Free 50 A2A Minutes

Download My Airtel app and get free 50 Airtel to Airtel Local & STD minutes. They are promoting Airtel Dialer. Try out the Airtel Dialer. It is much better than the regular one. You will get 50 Airtel to Airtel minutes instantly.

Steps to Get Free 50 Minutes From My Airtel App :-

1. Firstly Download Airtel app (Update the app if you already installed)

2. Then Open the app and register your account with Airtel number.

3. Now you will see Introducing Airtel Dialer


4. Click on “Launch Now” button.


5. Now click on “Get Free 50 Minutes

6. You will receive 50 Free Minutes instantly.

Note – To use these Minutes you have to Make call using “Airtel Dailers only

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