(NEW) Truro Recharge – Earn Rs.10 Recharge + Bank Transfer Everyday


(NEW) Truro Recharge – Earn Rs.10 Recharge + Bank Transfer Everyday

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This is the same app like balboa, frcoin, apal recharge, fantastic recharge and 10 day recharge.

P.S:- note like other Apps, In this App Recharge is Instantly Everyday With Dedicated Support Line

Here is Click Rate:-

  • Joining Amount-Rs.5
  • Per Day 7 Click Per User
  • 1st week 1 Clicks Rate-1.25
  • 2nd Week 1 Clicks Rate- 1.00
  • 3rd Week 1 Clicks Rate- 0.75
  • 4th Week 1 Clicks Rate- 0.50
  • After 4th Week 1 Clicks Rate- 0.25

Truro Refer And Earn Rate:-

  • 1st Level – 30%
  • 2nd Level – 20%
  • 3rd Level – 10%



STEPS TO DO (Truro Recharge):-

  1. 1st of all download the Truro recharge app from the play store [ CLICK HERE ]
  2. Open the app and click REGISTER.
  3. Enter all details and put the referal code : 9810413374
  4. Now verify your mobile number.
  5. Now wait for a sms from Developer app which will be like this :YOUR ACCOUNT IS VERIFIED AND FULLY ACTIVATE NOW. YOUR USERNAME AND REFERRAL CODE IS 0000000000 AND PASSWORD IS ******** .THANK YOU
  6. After that only you can Login in the app.
  7. After login you will see dynamic tasks, click on it and it will open play store or web browser.
  8. Keep it open for 20 seconds then come back to the app.
  9. Do 7th and 8th steps 7-8 times until either you get notification of that you have reached the limit of clicks for today OR you reached 10 Rs. In the app.
  10. Now go to menu top left side and click RECHARGE to recharge any prepaid or postpaid mobile number OR go to menu / bank account to do bank transfer of your earned money.
  11. Go to MENU / SHARE and share the app to your friends and family and you will get commission when they earn via click on ads AND there is multilevel refer system so you will get very much benefit.

Truro App Instant Recharge Hours

Recharge Request will Instantly Fulfilled in Time Between- 2PM to 8 PM And 10 PM to 1 AM

Truro App Support ( Instant Reply)


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