Reado :- Get Free Audiobook Worth Rs500 Free {signup bonus Rs.500}

Reado :- Get Free Audiobook Worth Rs500 Free {signup bonus Rs.500}

Reado is giving free Rs.500 Signup Bonus for free Audiobook so use this signup bonus and get free audiobook now forget hard covers and pdf copies, it’s time for audio books.grab and listen to your favourite audio books at reado.comsign up offer get 500₹ free in your wallet for purchasing.


  1. Open link from here
  2. At the top right corner signup option is their use that option to get signup.
  3. Immediately you will get Rs.500 after signup process to be done.
  4. We have attached the proof also at the end.
  5. Use these 500 to buy Audiobook from Reado

PROOF (Reado):-

Screenshot (61)

About Reado:-

Words are merely flat combination of letters, narration adds depth and perspective. It’s when spoken, the words actually come to life to give unmatched entertainment and much-needed knowledge. We believe that books are the only manmade object that has managed to live beyond ages of human evolution and still are relevant today and will be tomorrow.

But most of us are not avid readers and Audiobooks enables us to take the books to that most. Being a 5 Billion dollar industry worldwide, Audiobooks never made their way to India. Some of us had access to those highly expensive limited number of Audiobooks that made their way to India, but had to pay a huge price.

Thus the light bulb moment, we committed to venture into Audiobooks market which was nascent at that moment in 2010. We wanted to democratize the power of books. Taking books to those who didn’t read as much as some ‘avid readers’ do.

So Reado came into existence in 2010, and since then has become the leading retailer of downloadable Audiobooks in India. It has been our constant attempt to offer the best content to our users and thereby enriching their lives. We strive to create content that enables readers and non-readers to go through more books than ever.  .

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