Yepme App Reward Refer and Earn Loot :- Get Rs.101 On Signup + Rs.101 Per Refer

Yepme App Reward Refer and Earn Loot

Yepme App Reward Refer and Earn Loot :- Get Rs.101 On Signup + Rs.101 Per Refer

Yepme App Reward Refer and Earn Loot :- Get Rs.101 On Signup + Rs.101 Per Refer is India’s biggest online fashion shopping brand. Now experience online shopping in India on your mobile device with the Yepme App. Yepme Android App gives you hassle free one-touch-access to the latest fashion out there. When you will register on yepme app you will get 101 points for free.

Steps To Get 101 Points While Just Signup On Yepme App? :

1. Firstly click on link to download yepme app : Click Here to Download Yepme

2. Then Just Open the App.

3. Then Click on Sign up and enter basic details.

4. Now (Most Important Step) Click on GOT A REFER CODE : 9622689 (Put This Refer Code To Get Rs.101 Reward Money Free)

5. Now it will flash a message that you got 101 points.

6. Now go to dashboard and click on Gift box to check your points.

7. Now click on Refer & Earn option and get your refer code from that. Now Share that refer code with your friends.

8. When your friend will use that refer code while signing up on yepme app than he/she will get 101 points for free.

9. When your referred friend will use that 101 points to purchase something on yepme app then you will get another 101 points from that referrer.

Screenshot (8)

10. You can use full (100%) 101 points while making order on yepme app.

Terms & Conditions :

  • Update your account to get maximum benefit from our Loyalty Program.You must update your APP regularly to get the maximum benefits of the Loyalty Program.
  • Maximum of 25% of the Cart Value can be redeemed per purchase at any given point of time on the APP. In other words, per purchase you may redeem your Reward points earned till the purchase date OR 25% of the current cart value, whichever is lower.
  • Points that can be redeemed in an order can be changed from time to time and is at sole discretion of the company.
  • Once you redeem your Reward points on the APP, those Reward points cannot be reverted back into your account in case of Payment Failure, Technical glitches, Return of the Product etc.
  • Reward points is currently 3 (three) months from the earning date.Extension or hortening of the Expiration period will be solely at our discretion with a seven day notice.

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